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Haven't stalked you in a long time hmm may I please have a mormorlock headcanon which involves any combination of these things: bubbles, towels, scented soap, rubber ducks and pure evil?

Sherlock held Jim’s hand tightly. Sebastian was… somewhere else, he’d lost track of him when he’d stumbled off so he might have gone into their room, or perhaps he was standing just out of sight watching.

Jim’s fingers were so soft, the skin still a little damp from his bath.

He’d been working hard, curling over his laptop and stabbing the keys with precision, eyes dark as he planned. Sherlock brushed past him, enjoying the amenities in their hotel room, and had noticed just how tense the shorter man was in his chair, instantly moving to pry Jim away from the computer.

It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Jim stripped out of his clothes and spread out on the bed, purring softly as Sherlock’s long fingers kneaded his back, loosening him up. When he was soft and entirely pliant with eyes heavy-lidded, Sherlock asked Sebastian to help heave Jim up and carry him to the bath as a treat.

While Sebastian preferred showers since they were fast and simple, both Sherlock and Jim enjoyed baths when they had the chance and since this was supposed to be a vacation, even though Jim’s constant working said otherwise, it seemed fitting to pamper Jim.

Sebastian had left their hotel room when Jim was settled into the bubbly water, finding the way Jim cooed and stretched when Sherlock scrubbed him clean entirely unnecessary and slightly unfair, since Jim never seemed as appreciative when Sebastian washed him, not that that could be because Sebastian was so rough and Sherlock took his time. Jim’s smile had been so lazy and warm, completely unlike how he got while working, something secret and human that he hid from everyone except Sherlock and Sebastian. He seemed at peace.

The towels were fluffy. Sherlock remembered that he’d thought of how ridiculously extravagant they were when he’d rubbed Jim dry, then wrapped him in a bathrobe. He’d still had that loving look on his face and when he blinked his eyes open they were golden brown again, no emptiness at all. The robe was massive and the collar puffed up around Jim’s chin, the tips of his fingers barely sticking out from his sleeves.

Sherlock’s hand tightened. There was movement that he heard distantly behind him, Sebastian hopefully and not those that had done this not that it mattered. A body crouched beside Sherlock and settled a hand on his shoulder, the one attached to the hand holding Jim’s, pulling him close. Sebastian definitely. His voice was low and indistinct, like Sherlock was underwater, and Sherlock wished that his ears were working properly so he could listen to whatever it was that Sebastian was saying to him.

Fingers on his other shoulder, the one not attached to the hand holding Jim’s. The one not attached to anything. Sherlock figured he should feel ill by how off-balance he felt with nothing there, but he couldn’t really think of anything at the moment.

There’d been a blast. So loud his ears were still ringing, the light burning into his retinas and the heat…

Jim had been smiling still when it happened. Sherlock hadn’t seen any look of pain, just that sweet smile, and then he was on his side covered in rubble, coughing up dust and blinking at the place where the bed had been. The outside wall was gone and Sherlock could see the ocean, calm and peaceful not too far off, a strange juxtaposition with the destruction around him. The wall between the room and the hall was gone as well, smashed inward, and Jim was crumpled across the wreckage piled up against the hallway’s remaining wall.

That’s where Sebastian had found them when he’d rushed up. Sherlock sitting beside Jim’s form, squeezing his slightly damp hand and wishing he’d been holding it when things had actually happened. Like Jim had always intended to go, with Sherlock’s hand in his own.

Jim had such beautiful eyelashes when his eyes were closed like this. It was better than when he’d faked his suicide and they’d been wide and empty, he looked warmer this way, or maybe this sense of serenity came from his mood beforehand.

Sebastian’s hands cinching the tourniquet tight and he stared at Jim for a moment, trying to match him up to the breathing one he’d seen not ten minutes ago before chastising himself and standing, firmly tugging on Sherlock’s shoulder. He needed to get the man out of there first, then he could do all his mourning. If he tried now, there was no way he’d be any use to Sherlock.

Sherlock leaned down to kiss Jim’s forehead one last time in almost a blessing, eyes welling with tears, “Wait for us, I need to shake your hand.”


BBC SHERLOCK fanvid | All I Want (Jimlock/Sheriarty)

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When you insult the police for thinking the person you just met did drugs and then he tells you to shut up because you’re making yourself look stupid as fuck because he actually did drugs and you’re surprised





We’re just alike, you and I.

Oh geez! I never noticed this before!!!

haha it’s funny because it’s a coincidence, like one scenario is heterosexual and it’s understood to be sexualized, and the other one is homosexual and thus not sexual at all, haha, haha, haha, it’s like the writers don’t even know what they’re doing lol I bet they feel silly now bromance friends platonic

I want to point out that the second is intended to be sexualized because Jim maintains eye contact the entire time that the female guard is getting his gum with the intention to unnerve her, the gum is in the pocket of his trousers, he doesn’t ask her for gum and instead asks her to slip her hand into his pocket, and the fact that he sticks his tongue out to take a piece. Sexual harassment is everywhere.

On the other hand, Sherlock asks John to get his phone in an emotionless tone and clearly states that his phone is the goal rather some allusion to his penis, he doesn’t meet John’s eyes, it’s in his jacket, John gets it without feeling trapped under Sherlock’s gaze and is more relaxed about it. There is a clear difference.

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I don’t do the whole “Jxhnlock” shit when I’m posting shit because I’ve never seen a johnlocker tag something as “sherixrty” or “sherlxlly” or “adlxck” for mobile users when they talk shit. Most of the time I just see Johnlocker’s bitch about the fact that they think we do that because the very word ‘Johnlock’ offends us.

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i think i have a problem where i ship sheriarty, but somehow, in my head, it’s sherlock who is the undeserving trash lord and jim who is the loving boyfriend

That’s not a problem at all considering that’s how it actually is in the show. While they’re both completely obsessed with one another, Jim is the one who devoted himself completely to Sherlock since he has no one else and he can’t deal with these ordinary people. Sherlock is trash and he spent so much focusing on the game up on the rooftop that he failed to recognize just how emotionally lost Jim was.

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I can't help but feel Jim Moriarty isn't a very good consulting criminal.



-will throw his clients under the bus at a moment’s notice if he thinks it will allow him to one up Sherlock.

-casually threatens to skin people alive and turn them into shoes.

-flat out lied to his clients in TRF about having a secret code that could break into any secure place in the world,…

I’m really uncomfortable with how unprofessional you’re making Jim sound.

1 & 3: If you have any basic understanding of Jim Moriarty and his relationship with Sherlock Holmes then those two notes actually make a lot of sense.

2: pretty sure that the whole “I will turn you into shoes” was a reference to the fact that he was standing at the pool where he used a boys shoes to murder him.

"crazy and erratic that you probably couldn’t reason with him" *side eyes this because ??*

Also: Irenes entire aim was to get to Mycroft and therefore Jim showed her how to get to him through Sherlock. He calls him “The Virgin” and Mycroft as “The Iceman”, just as Irene often refers to herself as “The Woman”, and just as Jim involved Jeff Hope (the cabbie, if you didn’t know his name) kid’s, he probably does some good research on his clients and what they’re like so that he can provide for their case better.

Literally this is the guy who got away with murder at 11 if you think that he is not good at what he does then idk what to do with this

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lookturtles wanted Sheriarty spooning! With Jim as the big spoon!He’s just… so small. Omg I was giggling the whole time


lookturtles wanted Sheriarty spooning! With Jim as the big spoon!

He’s just… so small. Omg I was giggling the whole time

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